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Work-related clothing expenses

Examples include uniforms with a logo, non-slip shoes, beautician coat, aprons etc.

Clothing/Laundry expenses

Expenses include work uniform you had to pay for, non-slip shoes, and even home washing up to $150 without receipts.

Work-related travel

Industry shows, related conferences and accommodation costs incurred can also be claimed. Claiming meals is also possible, but not 100% of the time.

Education Expenses

Even if you are not an apprentice, you are still entitled to claim any self-education expenses incurred for your job, i.e. Courses that help to improve or maintain your skills.

Work Related Tools/Equipment

The tools that you use for your job can be quite costly, so include them as deductions if you paid for them with your own money! Equipment such as scissors, combs or even a pair of tweezers can be deductible if you use them in your job, so remember to keep the receipts!

Make Up

Make-up that you personally purchase to use for your clients can be claimed as a Tax Deduction. Unfortunately, purchasing make-up for personal use cannot be claimed.

Insurance expenses

Insurance that possess for your occupation such as public liability are deductible.


Any donations made to eligible charities of more than $2 are deductible, so keep the receipt if you do donate to such organisations.

Motor Vehicle fees

Work travel is deductible, i.e. if you drive to your clients as part of your job, or are required to pick up work specific products and tools. However, if you use your car for both work and personal usage, you would need to calculate how much of your usage is for work purposes, either through a logbook or the cents per kilometre method.
For more information about motor vehicle expenses, click here.

Union fees

Any union fees that you pay for are deductible. Most unions and associations send members statements of the fees or subscriptions paid.

Accounting fees

Getting an accountant to do your taxes are deductible so save the trouble doing it on your own and get in contact with us!

Work-related Equipment/Tools

Changes to the instant asset write off means you can claim the full amount for any single asset you purchased prior to 12 March 2020 up to $30,000 and $150,000 till 30 July 2020.

Bank fees

Any fees that you incur for payment gateways are deductible.

Insurance expenses

Any insurance expenses that you incur for your business such as public liability are deductible. Income protection insurance is also tax deductible.


Any advertising expenses that you incur for your business are deductible.

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