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AIA Health 2023 July Offer

If you are looking for a hospital-only or a combined hospital and extras policy, you can join AIA Health before 31 July to receive up to $900 cashback by using the promo code: AIAJULY23.

In this blog, we will discuss the eligibility, the AIA July offers, why you should take out Private Health Insurance, what you can claim with hospital coverage, and what extras you can claim.


To be eligible for the AIA Health July Offer you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Not be a current AIA Health customer
  • Purchase a hospital and extras or hospital-only policy
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Maintain continuous membership for each qualifying period where applicable
  • Use the promo code: AIAJULY23

AIA July Offers

If you meet all the eligibility criteria above, you can claim a hospital only or a combined hospital and extras AIA offer.

1. Hospital-only cover

If you purchase a hospital-only policy before 31 July, you can receive up to $300 cashback in Year 1 of your policy.

2. Combined hospital and extras

If you purchase a combined hospital and extras policy before 31 July, you can receive up to $900 cashback over Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 of your policy.

Why should you take out Private Health Insurance?

Private Health Insurance helps pay for medical costs like prescriptions, doctor visits, and hospital visits. PHI is not required in Australia, although there are many benefits that can outweigh the costs. Some of the benefits include:

1. The hospital and doctor of your choice

With PHI, you have access to doctors and private hospitals of your choice. This gives you access to a wider range of care rather than restricting your access to public doctors and hospitals.

2. Reduced wait times

Your wait time can be reduced because there are more hospitals and doctors available, which will enable you to get the treatment you need faster.

3. Tax advantages

To those who qualify, the Australian government offers rebates and tax incentives for having private health insurance. Some people without PHI will be required to pay the Medicare Levy surcharge, which can cost thousands of dollars per year.

4. Gap cover

Having PHI can reduce the gap between what you pay in medical costs and what the government pays. This can dramatically reduce your medical expenses. This can be especially beneficial for treatments and procedures that are not completely covered by the government.

What can you claim with hospital coverage?

When taking out hospital coverage with AIA, some common claims that help policyholders include the following:

  • Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Immunotherapy for Cancer
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy
  • Bone, Joint, and Muscle

What extras can you claim?

Taking out extras coverage with AIA can be very beneficial. Some of the popular treatments for extras coverage include the following:

  • Dental
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optical
  • Chiropractic

Benefit from Private Health Insurance today!

Private Health Insurance (PHI) can save you money on your tax return. PHI rebates and not having to pay the Medicare levy surcharge can save you thousands of dollars on your tax return. Learn more here.

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