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How To Complete Your Tax Return

You could spend hours lodging your Tax Return using the ATO’s myTax, or lodge it in just minutes with One Click Life. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to file your Tax Return in Australia:

Sign-up or sign-in to your One Click Life account

First thing is first, make or log-in to your One Click Life account. Once you fill in your information, your details will be saved and auto-populated every time you login. 

Save time with pre-filled income details

One Click Life automatically pulls data from the ATO, pre-filling your Tax Return details, to save you time and hassle of locating your PAYG or income statement.

Find tax deductions,
boosting your refund

Make adding deductions a breeze with our Simple Accounting Manager. By linking your bank account, we can help you claim all your deductions and maximise your refund.

Review your
estimated Tax Return

Our quick and easy application lets you calculate your Tax Return and get a glimpse of how much you’re owed before it is lodged.

Lodge your Tax Return!

Finally, you can enjoy the simplicity and speed of your Tax Return with One Click Life. Once you press lodge, your Tax Return will be reviewed by one of our professional tax accountants to make sure everything checks out before it is sent to the ATO.

Have a fuss free weekend: we’ll take care of your tax

Complete your tax return with live help from a qualified accountant

Remember you don’t have to face the ATO alone. At One Click Life, we have made doing your online Tax Return convenient, easy, and stress-free. There’s no messy paperwork or confusing tax jargon. We’re on your side to help you get a better tax refund while making sure you’re in the good books with the ATO.

Spend less time on tax

Your time is important. Our simple and convenient process only takes a couple of minutes, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Boost your refund

Claim more on expenses with our easy deductions finder, or boost your tax refund with live help from a qualified accountant. 

Enjoy financial freedom

We’ll take care of your taxes, so you can focus more on living your life, free of financial stress.

Feel more confident

We’re on your side and help you reduce the risk of being audited, so you don’t have to face the ATO alone. 

All your information protected

Verified & secured by Microsoft, your information is safe and encrypted with Australia’s first and only, advanced security system that’s anti-fraud.

Over 100,000 Aussies have selected One Click Life!

Nervous about completing your Tax Return online by yourself? Over 100,000 Aussies have already created an account with One Click Life! Our very simple and easy to use online Tax Return has fast become the #1 online tax agent of choice by Australians all across the country.

“Simple, no frills, maximum return!”

Godsend for people who can’t get to a tax agent office

Took about 10 minutes on the phone and my return estimate went from me owing ATO to getting a thousand back. Being able to do it from home was a game changer. 


So simple, quick and efficient

They have done 3 of my tax returns so far and I’ll be sticking with them. So simple, quick and efficient and any queries or questions are explained with excellent customer service. Thank you.

Shenai W

Simple and very convenient!

Very easy to use, simple and straightforward. Not to mention very convenient. Will be using this service in the future.

Ebony C

Pay nothing upfront!

Our fees can be automatically deducted from your refund, so you don’t have to worry about paying anything right now. Only $19 extra (T&Cs Apply)

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Individual Tax Return


  • Account links directly to ATO
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Lodge when you want, on any device
  • Safe & secure 
  • *Reduced to $29 for nil tax paid returns lodged automatically
  • Optional Extras
  • Get Next Day Refund!
    Only $89 extra (T&Cs Apply)
  • Pay nothing up front! 
    Only $19 extra (T&Cs Apply)
  • See all fees

Rental, Investor & Sole Trader


  • Simple process & platform
  • Lodge with a dedicated accountant
  • Tax advisor support over phone or message

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