Time is money
important to me

So spend it doing the things you love,
not the things you dont



Give Back initiative

  • Receive free Random Acts of Kindness
  • Receive free incentives to keep doing the activities you love



Tax & Superannuation details in the one place

  • Easy to understand dashboard
  • ATO Tax information displayed
  • Superannuation details displayed


Premium financial services

  • Tax Returns
  • Wills
  • Health Insurance

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We see finances like dating someone new. Trust takes time. So we’ve created a free account option so you can experience the OCL way, without having to spend a cent. Worst case scenario, when you sign up, you’ll receive your first Random Act of Kindness with zero cost to you.

One Click Services

Tax Return

Our system was built by techy dudes and accountants to save you time and money. Why pay for a traditional accountant when you can get the same thing, faster 😉

  • Takes 15 minutes
  • Instant refunds available
  • Call us if you get stuck
  • Receive a gift after lodgement


A chance to win a Random Act of Kindness


The joy of having a Will now, at your age, is that you know who gets your stuff, just in case sh!t goes wrong.

  • 4 step process
  • Built by lawyers
  • Update your Will, anytime
  • Takes less than an hour




Storage &
encryption fee

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