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Frequently Asked Questions


Why must I verify my photo ID?

There have been new ATO regulations that require tax agents to verify all clients ID. Thus, to protect your potential refund, we are required to ensure that it is you who is lodging your Tax Return, and that you get your refund.

What if I do not have any photo ID?

No worries, you can upload any 2 of the substitute documents that are listed on the site, which includes bank statements, Medicare card or state issued letters.

Where can I find my Tax File Number (TFN)?

You can find your TFN on your PAYG payment summary, Notice of Assessment or alternatively, you can contact the ATO by calling 13 28 61.

I can’t activate my account or I did not receive my activation email

Have you checked your spam or junk inbox? The activation email might have ended up there. If you still can’t find the activation email, please feel free to contact us by calling 1300 707 117. One of our staff will be able to help you activate your account.

I need to change my phone number/email?

Please send us an email at or contact us at 1300 707 117. Please have a copy of your ID ready as we may request it.

What is my linking code for linking MyGov account?

You can contact ATO to link your MyGov account by calling 13 28 61

Where is my refund?

Normally, it will take 14-21 business days for ATO to process your Tax Return. However, if it is a prior year Tax Return then it could take a bit longer than usual (around 30 days).

Please note that the ATO will not accept any enquiry about the Tax Return until 30 days after lodgement.

I put in the wrong bank details

No worries, please send us an email at and we will send you the instructions to amend your bank details. We may request that you send us a copy of a bank statement that you want your refund to be deposited into.

Can One Click Life transfer refund into my international bank account?

Yes, we can transfer your refund to the international bank account but there will be an additional remittance fee. (please email at

Can I lodge my individual Tax Return on your website?

Yes, you can complete and lodge your Tax Return on our website.

Can I lodge prior year Tax Returns?

You can complete and lodge your prior year Tax Returns from 2017 onward on our website. However, for 2016 and earlier you will need to contact us at Do note that there may be additional fees, as those Tax Returns will have to be done manually by one of our accountants.

Can I lodge my Tax Return if I am on a Working Holiday Visa on your website?

Yes, you can complete and lodge your Tax Return on our website.

Can I lodge my Sole Trader Tax Return on your website?

Yes, you can complete, pay and lodge your sole trader Tax Return on our website.

Business Activity Statement (BAS):

Please send us an email with business information at so that we can arrange a quote for you.

Can I lodge a Rental Property Tax Return with One Click Life?

Please send us an email at and we will send you the instructions what documents are required. There will be higher fees for Rental Property Tax Returns, depending on the complexity and number of rental properties owned.

How do I get a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) if I am leaving the country?

You can do this by yourself via this link:

Business Tax

How long will it take?

The process takes two weeks start to finish. We set our completion meeting during the initial meeting for 10 business days later. As long as you’ve provided us the information, we can work away behind the scenes and get your completed tax return to you quickly.

How much does it cost?

Price is fixed! For businesses with revenues below $1m. $499 for no employees. $999 with employees.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nope! Just what you see in the pricing and service table. The cost is fixed for the service and if you need assistance with any other service, the costs are also fixed. The only thing we charge on an hourly rate is fixing a bank reconciliation. If your bank account reconciles to Xero – you have no worries!

What information do I need to provide?

Just the basics.

  • Entity name, ABN, TFN
  • Access to Xero
  • June 30 bank statement
  • Copy of prior financials and tax return if available
  • Any receipts we request along the way

How do I contact you?

You’ll have a dedicated tax specialist that you’ll work with directly. You can contact them as much as you like during the two-week period. Once your return is lodged with the ATO we continue to work with you as needs.
Our number is 1300 707 717
Our email is

What do I get?

The output of our service is a tax return lodged with the ATO and a set of financials if requested.
To achieve this output you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your compliance is completed for a fixed price and your compliance is up to date.

I haven’t done my tax for years… can you help?

Of course we can! That’s why we’re here. We can go back as far as you need us to as long as you have the information.

When do I pay my One Click Life bill?

Once we have completed your tax return we will invoice you for the services you consumed (see pricing and services table). You have 14 days to pay your bill.

How do I pay my ATO bill?

If you are in a tax payable position; once we lodge your business and individual tax returns with the ATO they will assess it and send out a Notice of Assessment. This is the trigger to pay your bill and the payment date will be on the Notice of Assessment. Depending on the business structure, the tax will be payable by the business or individuals.

I can’t pay my tax bill… what do I do?

Fear not, we can help. As your tax agent we can contact the ATO on your behalf and work as an intermediary to set up a payment plan that suits your cash flow. We do charge for this service, it is a flat fee of $99 to establish a payment plan for your ATO debt.

When do I get my ATO refund?

If you are in a tax refundable position; once we lodge your business and individual tax returns with the ATO you will receive any refunds due in approximately 14 days.

How do I tell my current accountant that I’m moving to One Click Life?

The polite thing to do is to call or email to let them know. But, you don’t have to.
Under our ethical standards we will always advise your current accountant with an ethical letter letting them know we are taking you on as a new client. This is very common practice amongst accountants.

Where is my work completed?

All work is completed in Australia. We send nothing oversees. Our office is in Subiaco, Western Australia. Everything that would be done oversees by some accountants has been automated!

Can I meet with you face to face?

Sure! Our standard service is a web chat, but you are welcome to come into the office for the meetings. Your travel to come and see us is tax deductible too!

Why do the team at One Click Life love tax so much?

It’s true, we love numbers, we love tax, but that’s not why we’re here. We believe that the accounting profession hasn’t moved at the same rate as technology. We’ve bought the two together to automate all the non-value add tasks so we can apply our skills and expertise where they benefit you the most. This allows us to provide a low cost, high value solution to you, our customer. We want to make your financial life simple!


What is a Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS)?

If you earn over a certain amount and do not have private health cover, you are charged an extra tax called a Medicare Levy Surcharge. This is calculated in 3 tiers for both singles and couples/families. You can learn more about this here.

Why should I get health insurance?

Even the most basic health cover can give you more control over where you’re treated, and who you’re treated by. It takes the pressure off so you’re able to focus on what really matters.

Does private health insurance cover consultations?

By law, private health insurance does not offer cover for out-of-hospital medical services such as GP appointments, specialist consultations or out-of-hospital diagnostic tests.

What are the benefits of private health cover?

You have more health cover and more choice, pay less tax, get a private health insurance rebate and also helps to avoid paying more for cover when you’re older!


What is a Will/ Testament/ Last Testament?

A Will/ Testament/ Last Testament is a legal document by which a person (the testator) expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed at death.

Why Make a Will?

A Will ensures that your property is distributed in the way you would have wished it to be.

Who Can Make a Will?

You are eligible to make a Will if you are above 18 years of age and of sound mind (apart from the exceptions including undue influence). Undue influence refers to situations where the person drafting the Will is under pressure to write the document in such a way that it goes against their real intentions.

Can I Change My Will?

You can change your Will as often as you like but the best way to change your Will is to make a new Will. Codicil is not recommended. A Codicil is a legal document that is used to alter something in an earlier Will. People may use a Codicil instead of making a new Will. It is however not recommended.

How Can I Change My Will in Your System?

You need to log in, make changes to the 4-steps, and when you generate your Will, the previous encryption key will be replaced by the newly generated encryption key.

What if I Get Married After Making a Will?

If you marry after you have made a Will, your marriage cancels your Will unless the Will was made “in contemplation” of marriage. It is recommended that you consult a legal practitioner to make sure the Will is valid.

What if I Get Divorced After Making My Will?

Divorce affects your Will, but it does so differently in each state and territory. In some jurisdictions, divorce will automatically render your Will invalid. In others, divorce will simply revoke your former spouse as your executor or any gift left them.

What is the Difference Between a Dependent and a Beneficiary?

The main difference between a Dependent and a Beneficiary is that a Dependent is someone who is financially depending on you or they need physical care from you. A Beneficiary of your Will can be a Dependent of yours and can also not be a Dependent.

What if My Executor Refuses to Become the Executor of My Will After I Pass, Despite Previously Given His/Her Consent

Your executor  is allowed to refuse his/her role despite the fact that he/she gave their consent before that. Therefore, it is always recommended that you appoint an alternative executor in your Will.

Can a Dependent be/not be a Beneficiary? And Vice Versa?

It is common for a dependent to be one of the beneficiaries as a dependent may be the testator’s child who is under the age of 18. A beneficiary may also be your adult child (over the age of 18) who is not a dependent. A beneficiary could be a charity organisation which you wish to leave part of your estate to. A dependent does not have to be a beneficiary as well. For example, you may not wish to leave your assets to your rich elderly grandpa whom you physically take care of.

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