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Boldest excuses for late tax lodgement!

ATO reveals boldest excuses for late tax lodgements

 FROM jailed accountants to rare conditions and arsonist ex-spouses, the ATO has heard some cracking excuses from Aussies who failed to lodge their tax returns on time.
Before the tax deadline of October 31 in 2017, the ATO has released a list of the six of the boldest excuses from Aussies who failed to lodge their tax returns on time

My paperwork flew out the car window when I was on my way to see the accountant,” read one, while another claimed “I have a condition that only allows me to work 30 minutes each week, so I couldn’t lodge.”

Sometimes, it was other people who were deemed to be at fault.

“My ex-wife burnt everything belonging to me, including all of my tax records,” one late lodger claimed.

“My accountant has gone to prison,” said another, explaining “he is working on it, but it’s taking longer than normal because he can’t access a computer.”

One chronologically confused Aussie claimed he had failed to lodge returns between 2008 and 2015 due to a back injury he sustained in 2016.

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