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How much does a Will cost?

How much does it cost to complete a Will?

In this blog we’ll set out the cost to create a Will in Australia. A Will can be a simple document to complete. As a result, we believe it should have a low cost to complete a Will too!

There are a number of options to complete a Will and we put together a cost comparison to assist you in working out the best way to either prepare a Will, or deal with your Estate after you have passed. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but this gives you a good idea of the pricing differences based on your choice of dealing with your Estate.

Completing a Will online using One Click Life will cost only $49 per Will. For a married couple that is only $98. Below is a cost comparison of using One Click Life and other means of creating a Will or dealing with your Estate.

Cost Comparison:

One Click Life

  • Online 24/7
  • Completed within 10 mins
  • Unlimited amendments
  • Encryption Verification
  • Mobile Device Access & Completion
  • Lawyer approved Will


  • Office hours only
  • Minimum 2 hrs to complete
  • Amendment Fees
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Lawyer approved Will

Cost of NOT having a Will: State Government

  • State appoints public trustee to administer your assets as they see fit and take fees from your family’s inheritance

Min $2,700 – $39,350*

*Figures from WA State Government

Why choose One Click Life to create you Will

You can also complete a Will through the NSW Trustee and Guardian where fees start from $440. If you are on a full Centrelink age pension you can access this service to obtain a free Will and we recommend it if you have access for free!

Do I need to see a lawyer?

The simple answer is no! If you have simple financial affairs then completing an Online Will is the simplest and cheapest option for you to ensure your estate is dealt with as you wish once you’ve passed away.

If you have complicated financial affairs, then it is likely that you should see a lawyer and ask them if an Online Will is suitable for you.

Creating an Online Will has never been easier.

The process of creating your Online Will is very simple. The Online Will allows you to select the beneficiary’s you want to leave your assets to, for example this may be your wife, children or others. This gives you peace of mind knowing exactly where your assets Will be distributed once you’re gone.

An Online Will with One Click Life also has unlimited amendments for 12 months. Your Will is also safely stored and available to review or amend when you need it.

You can create, maintain & secure your Will anywhere, anytime with One Click Life.

How to create your Will in 3 Simple Steps

3 Simple steps to make your Will

You can then print your Will and request that your witnesses and Executor sign the document.

When should you update your Will?

Updating your Will is dependent on a “life event” occurring. Here’s a list of instances that would require an update to your Will:

  • Getting married, separated or married again
  • Having a child, or another child
  • Becoming a grandparent
  • A significant change to your finances (like winning the lotto)
  • Losing a loved one like a spouse, parent or child

It’s easy to update your Will with One Click Life. Its as easy as logging in, opening your Will with your digital code, then updating the Will and getting it witnessed again. Simple online Will!

What is a Will again?

A Will is a legal document stating what you want to happen to your assets (your important and valuable belongings) when you die. It is a part of your Estate Plan along with a list of other documents that are useful – click here for more information on Estate Planning.

Quite simply – your Will is your final say!

If you have you ever had a conversation (or argument) with someone, and you have felt so passionate (or irritated) about the subject of discussion that all you want is to have the last word and be done with it? Well, a Will is that last word!

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