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Lodge Your Tax Return Early with One Click Life

Experience the advantage of lodging your tax return ahead of time with One Click Life. Our platform utilises the SBR Single Touch Payroll system introduced by the Australian Taxation Office, giving you the opportunity to get a head start on your tax return early and potentially receive your refund sooner. Although this feature is unavailable to the general public, One Click Life users can request that one of our expert accountants pre-fill their Single Touch Payroll information, streamlining the process.

Simple to Lodge Your Tax Early

It is simple to lodge your tax early this year, but you do need to ensure:

  • ✅ You have had your last pay, and
  • ✅ Your employer has finalised their tax reporting for your group certificate with the ATO via single touch payroll.
  • ✅ You don’t have any additional centrelink income to receipt.
  • ✅ No interest received from your bank.

We also do a check for you, but we’re relying on the information you enter.

Other Considerations to Lodge Your Tax Early

Lodging your tax return early comes with a few considerations. Firstly, it’s important to note that the accuracy of Single Touch Payroll data relies on the information provided by your employer to the ATO, which may not always be up-to-date. Additionally, any income you earn between the time we pre-fill your information and July 1, will not be reflected in your early tax return.

In the event that your income information is incorrect, you have two options. You can wait until June 30, to receive your final pay for the current financial year. Alternatively, you can log back into your One Click Life account on July 1, and utilise the “Check for new ATO data” feature to ensure that your information is updated accurately.

Price for Early Tax Lodge

To take advantage of the early lodging option, there is a starting cost of $149 with One Click Life. However, we offer flexibility with our payment options. You can choose to pay later with the Fee from Refund option, which incurs an additional $19 fee.

It’s worth noting that the cost of lodging your tax return early is higher due to the additional manual verification involved in the process. However, waiting until July 1, offers a reduced price of $99, providing you with a more accurate estimate.

For further information, please consult One Click Life’s comprehensive terms and conditions.

Can You Receive Your Tax Refund Early?

In short, yes you can! We have a Next Day Refund feature allowing you receive part of your tax refund early. There are a number of terms and conditions to qualify and this option costs $89 for an accountant review of your tax return and tax history.

Additional Details:

  • The SBR Single Touch Payroll system enables employers to report employee payments to the ATO in real-time, granting One Click Life accountants faster access to your income information compared to traditional paper-based forms.
  • Lodging your tax return early incurs a higher cost due to the increased manual verification required.
  • Keep in mind that certain deductions, such as medical expenses, can only be claimed for the financial year in which they were incurred. Therefore, if you choose to lodge early, you may not be able to claim all of your deductions.

Make the most of One Click Life’s early lodging option for your tax return and experience the convenience and potential benefits it offers.