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Our Tax Return Fees Explained

A standard Individual Tax Return after 1st July with One Click Life will cost you $99 to complete. To take the hassle out of the process, One Click Life offers an optional extra that automatically deducts our fees from your refund for only $19 extra. This means you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront if you are getting a refund.

To break the process down – after you hit ‘LODGE’, OCL reviews your Tax Return – submits your lodgement to the ATO. The ATO refunds the money to One Click Life’s trust account – the $99 and $19 fees are deducted – and then we transfer the remaining funds to your nominated account.

You can also complete your tax return early with One Click Life. Lodging your tax return before 1st July will cost $149. This can be paired with the optional extra Next Day Refund for an additional $89. This means for $238 you are able to receive up to $1,000 of your tax refund before July 1st!

But what happens if you don’t get a refund from the ATO?

There can be various reasons why your lodgement may result in either not getting any money back, or in some cases, owing the ATO money.

These reasons may include;

  • You have paid the right amount of tax for the financial year so aren’t ‘in credit’
  • You haven’t paid enough tax for the financial year
  • You have a child support or Centrelink debt
  • You owe the ATO money (this can be from previous lodgements or bankruptcy etc)

If you lodge a payable tax return (which means you owe the ATO money), an invoice will be generated, and you must pay the $99 fee at the time of lodgement. If you fail to pay the $99 at time of lodgement you will be charged a $19 recovery fee.

Government Debt

If you are in debt with any Government agencies (Centrelink, Child Support, bankruptcy debt etc), the ATO will automatically prioritise those debts before refunding you any money. So even if you lodge your Tax Return and the result shows on your One Click Life lodgement that you’re going to receive a refund, the ATO checks if you have any debt before they give any cash back. Unfortunately, this is out of One Click Life’s control. There is also no way for One Click Life to know that you have existing debts until the ATO process is complete. If your tax refund is taking a lot longer than expected, this may be the reason.

For more information about any debts you may have, you can call the team at One Click Life on 1300 707 117, email [email protected] or call the ATO direct on 13 11 42 (8am to 6pm local time, Monday to Friday).

For debts of $100,000 or less, payment plans can be set up using the ATO’s online services or by phoning the ATO’s automated phone service on 13 72 26.

Nil return discount

If you find yourself in this situation and you’re not receiving a refund this year, One Click Life will charge $29 for you to lodge your tax return. Due to you not having a refund from the ATO for us to deduct that fee from – you will be invoiced the $29 which should be paid at the time you lodge your tax return. This invoice can be accessed from your One Click Life dashboard, or we can email it through direct to you. For more information on our products & fees, check out our Pricing Page