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Could you be Missing out on Dough due to Overdue Tax Returns?

Most people assume that because they earn below the taxable income threshold of $18,200, they do not need to lodge.
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❌False! ❌
You would still need to lodge a tax return to the ATO. If you have not lodged your 2019 tax return this year, you have until the 31st October to do so. Remember, One Click Tax is just one click away to save the day!
Plus, if you don’t lodge, you may be missing out on some dough (that’s slang for money if you didn’t know). And everybody wants to eat.
If you don’t lodge on time, the ATO will notify you after the due date via SMS, MyGov, mail or phone. If you have not lodged previous years (2018 and earlier), you may also be charged a Failure To Lodge (FTL) penalty.
Refer to table below to see the fee applicable for each year.

YearFee ($)

How does ATO Calculate the Failure To Lodge penalty?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) calculates penalties on 1 penalty unit per 28 days the statement is overdue. For the year 2019, one penalty unit is $210. For previous year’s rates, refer to the Table below. The ATO can charge up to 5 penalty units, that is $1,050 for this year and this penalty would automatically be charged to your account.

Table: Previous Years’ Penalty Unit

When infringement occurredPenalty unit amount
Up to 27 December 2012$110
28 December 2012 – 30 July 2015$170
31 July 2015 – 30 June 2017$180
On or after 1 July 2017$210

It is highly unlikely the ATO will press charges against you for outstanding tax returns. However, in the off-chance they do, you could face imprisonment for up to 12 months and/or additional fines. Not to worry, this only occurs if you refuse to cooperate with the ATO.
If you are still sweating about your overdue tax returns, One Click Tax can give you that peace of mind. You can lay aside your worries by lodging with us. Simply create an account with us, let your data pre-fill, input any other required information, hit “lodge” and your tax return/s would be all done!

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