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Warwick Capper reads 5 crazy things you can claim on tax

This article originally appeared in The West Australian.

In the spirit of looking on the bright side of tax time, we’ve teamed up with One Click Tax (where the paperwork is zero) to bring you eight of the craziest things you can claim on tax.

It’s the time of year so many of us dread. Not just because it’s freezing outside and summer feels so far away, but because it’s tax season. Will you owe money to the tax man or will you get a refund? Either way, there’s probably paperwork involved. Grim.

1. Dance lessons

If you dance to make an income, you can claim a deduction for the cost of dance lessons to maintain existing specific work-related skills, or to gain the skills needed for a particular role or performance.

2. Legal expenses, fines and penalties

This doesn’t include parking fines, sorry! Specifically for AFL players, fines and penalties for on-field conduct and legal expenses, including those relating to a tribunal decision, are tax deductible for the player.

3. Entertainment systems

It’s tempting to try to claim over-the-top sound systems, but this one’s only a tax deduction if you’re a performing artist, music producer or someone who uses professional recording equipment to make an income.

4. Lingerie

The tools and equipment you need to fulfill your work are generally tax deductible, which is why those working in adult entertainment can claim their lingerie.

5. Pay TV

If you can prove you need to watch certain shows as part of your job, you can claim part of your pay TV access payments. For example, a financial planner could claim access to Sky News.

6. Agents fees

If you’re an elite athlete, an actor or a model with a personal agent, you can claim a deduction for the commissions paid to your agent for any work that you do.

7. Tinted contact lenses

Work in the performing arts? You can claim those tinted contact lenses.

8. Gym membership

Unless you’re a professional athlete, you’re going to have to cough up for your gym membership.
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