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AIA Health 2023 September Offer

Use the promo code AIASEP23 when joining an eligible AIA combined Hospital and Extras policy before October 31 and receive up to 12 weeks of free health insurance, plus waive the 2 & 6 month waiting period on extras.

This article will cover the eligibility to claim the offers, the available offers for September, and the benefits of taking out Private Health Insurance (PHI). If you are looking to save money on a new PHI policy, this blog is for you.


To meet the eligibility criteria for the AIA October offer, you must meet all the following:

· You’re not a current AIA Health customer

· You are at least 18 years of age

· You keep your membership active for each qualifying term

· You have not used an AIA discount in the last 12 months

· Use the promo code: AIASEP23

AIA Health 2023 September Offers

If all eligibility is met, you can select a combined hospital and extras policy to take advantage of the full AIA September offer. Alternatively, you can select a hospital-only policy that will grant you a reduced offer.

1. Hospital-only policy

You can receive up to 6 weeks of premium cashback across 2 years of your policy if you purchase hospital-only coverage before October 31.

2. Combined hospital and extras

You can receive a maximum of 12 weeks of premium refunds across 3 years of your combined hospital and extras policy if you purchase eligible coverage before October 31.

The Benefits of Having PHI

Health-related expenses including medicines, doctor visits, and hospital stays are covered by Private Health Insurance. Although PHI is not mandatory in Australia, the benefits can outweigh the costs. Some of the benefits include the following:

1. Reduce your taxes

The Australian government provides tax breaks and rebates to eligible people with private health insurance. The Medicare Levy surcharge, which some people without PHI will have to pay, can cost thousands of dollars annually.

2. Gap cover

The difference between what you pay for medical expenses and what the government pays can be minimised with PHI. Your medical bills could be greatly decreased as a result. For medical treatments and operations that the government does not fully cover, this can be extremely helpful.

3. Choose your doctor and hospital

You can choose the private hospitals and doctors you want to use if you have PHI. Instead of only allowing you access to public hospitals and doctors, this opens a wider selection of healthcare options for you.

4. Shorter wait times

As a result of having a larger selection of doctors and hospitals available at your service, your wait times for services are reduced.

Get the most out of your Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance can save you money when it comes to lodging your online tax return. Not having to pay the Medicare levy can potentially save you thousands. On the One Click Life dashboard, requesting a PHI quote is straightforward. PHI and online tax returns are available at your fingertips through One Click Life’s easy-to-use platform. One Click Life can take care of your PHI, Tax, Will, and Mortgage, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.