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Introducing SAM – Simple Accounting Manager

Every year tens of thousands of Australian One Click Life users misplace records of their tax deductible expenses. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way to find those lost deductions? 

The average Australian taxpayer loses an average of $25 in refunds for every $100 they misplace in deductions. With this loss in refunds along with the cost of living increasing, there needs to be a better way for Australian taxpayers to boost their refund this tax time. 

Which is why One Click Life have launched its Simple Accounting Manager (SAM) to help Australians get the best tax refund this tax time. 

How does SAM work? 

SAM – powered by Microsoft, ushers in a new era of tax technology through Supervised Machine Learning (AI). Entering your Tax File Number into your One Click Life account creates a link to the ATO. AI enables One Click Life SAM to use the ATO’s data to suggest the most common tax deductions claimed by other Australians in your occupation. SAM then establishes a secure connection with your bank account so you can find & add them to your lodgement straight away.  

So how does One Click Life SAM get you the best tax refund this year?  

Instead of having to search through a year’s worth of receipts or scroll through pages & pages of bank statements, SAM knows what deductions to look for and finds them for you.  

With access to the 4 major banks + over 100 other financial institutions, SAM securely connects directly to your bank account and get a list of all necessary deductions to maximise your refund! It’s that simple. 

How will this change the way Australians do Tax? 

Previously, lodging a Tax Return was a laborious task, requiring pages of statements, receipts & a face-to-face appointment with an accountant.  

One Click Life & SAM’s AI has made this a thing of the past – SAM connects with the ATO & your bank account and searches for missing deductions, boosting your tax refund.  

Will SAM replace accountants?        

While technology advances and SAM utilises the latest in AI, One Click Life is committed to humanising technology with real accountants, assisting users with their ATO tax return through live case messaging. One Click Life’s SAM doesn’t replace accountants with technology – but simply links them, giving clients the best results possible. 

Are there any additional fees to use SAM this year? 

SAM is a free feature exclusive to One Click Life with no additional costs

Let’s get started 

Give yourself the advantage this year and let One Click Life’s SAM find all the deductions you’re entitled to. Forget all other etax software and start using the latest in Microsoft enabled AI this year to boost your tax refund. 

With One Click Life’s SAM, this year’s tax return will be the easiest online tax return you’ve ever done. 

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