Security Guard

Security Guard

Work-related uniform

Motor vehicle is generally deductible if you need to travel between site to site or pick up supplies and materials.

Work-related clothing is deductible if you need to purchase a company uniform, protective wear or do your own laundry. Unfortunately the Nike trainers aren’t unless your company is Nike.

Union fees, courses related to your job are deductible.

Tools of trade is a big one so don’t miss out! if you buy even a night light, don’t forget you can claim it – that stuff adds up!

Mobile phone usage

If like most you have to make and take calls on your phone you are entitled to claim the percentage you use for work.


Like many you have helped people all year round this is when it will help you! Donations to a DGR are tax deductible. It definitely pays to help others!

Accounting fees

So why do it yourself when your accounting fees are tax-deductible? Don’t forget you can even claim the travel to see us!

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