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Self-Education Expense

Self-education expenses

Self-education expenses can be deductible if the expenses fulfil the following criteria:

  • The course/training has a connection to your current employment
  • The course/training will maintain/improve skills related to your current employment OR results in an increase in your income from current employment

You are unable to claim deductions for self-education expenses if it is used to help you to get new employment.

Here are some examples of related expenses that you can claim:

Tuition feesPhone calls
Computer ConsumablesPostage
TextbooksCar/Public Transport Expenses
Stationary ExpensesHome Office Running Expenses
Internet UsageAcademic Journals

Important Note*

Some of the expenses listed above needs to be appropriated between private use and usage for self- education purposes.

E.g. If a computer is used 50% of the time for study and 50% for private purposes, you can only claim half of the cost of the computer as a deduction.

For Travel Expenses:

You can claim travel from home to your place of education and back and from work to place of education and back.

Calculating what you can claim:

Although you are able to claim all of these expenses, you will have to subtract the first $250 from that total amount of self-education expenses, as the first $250 is not claimable.

For example, if your total self-education deductions came up to $3,000 you can only claim $2,750 of self-education expenses as your deduction.

What you cannot claim:

Here are examples of expenses that you cannot claim

Tuition fees paid by someone elseHome office occupancy expenses
Repayment of HELP LoanAccommodation and meals