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Tax Return Tips: 10 Tax Deductions for Medical Professionals

You look after others, but who’s looking after you? If you work in healthcare and want to maximise your tax refund, we’ve got your back.

While you’re working on the wards, our tax return experts are working for you to make sure you get the most out of this year’s tax return. We know working as a medical professional can be challenging, physically exhausting and emotionally draining. We only wish the comfort food and bottle/bottles of wine (no judgement here!) needed to destress and unwind after a difficult day were tax deductible.
Check out our list of allowable tax deductions below and when you are ready to lodge your tax return online, just click here

Work-related clothing expenses

That oh-so-practical uniform is deductible if you need to purchase it yourself, hire specific items, or do your own laundry. This also includes any protective wear you need for work such as non-slip shoes, safety glasses, aprons, lab coats etc. As a rough guide, if you wouldn’t wear it out to Friday night drinks, it’s deductible.

Work-related equipment expenses

Buy stationary for work? A fob watch? A briefcase? These items can also be added as a deduction on your tax return.

Self-education expenses

The field of medicine is ever changing and ongoing courses and education relating to your current job can be claimed. Subscriptions to any medical magazines/journals/books you use to keep your knowledge up to date can also be claimed.

Motor vehicle expenses

Travel between work locations? You can deduct these expenses using one of two calculation methods. Cents per kilometre method – claim up to a maximum of 5,000 work kilometres. You do not need receipts, but you may be asked how you worked out your estimate. You may wish to keep a diary of work-related travel or base your costs on regular travel patterns. Logbook method – Uses the percentage your car is used for work vs personal. You must keep record of 12 continuous weeks, record your opening and closing odometer readings for each year and have written evidence for all your car expenses.

Work-related travel expenses

Transport other than cars, parking, tolls and more can be claimed for travel such as PD Days, conferences, training etc. Accommodation and sometimes meals can also be deducted.

Union or association expenses

If you pay any fees to medical industry bodies or unions, you can claim these costs.

Working from home – phone & internet expenses

We all know work doesn’t stay at work anymore. You can claim a percentage of costs such as internet, land line, mobile phone bill if you use these for work.


You have helped people all year round, this is when it will help you! Donations to a DGR are tax deductible.

Private Health Insurance and Income Protection

If you choose to have private health insurance/income protection, you can deduct these costs too.

Accounting fees

The fees at OneClickTax are already incredibly low (you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else!) but the good news is your accounting fees are fully deductible. You can even claim the travel if you need to come in and see us. We’ve put the kettle on just in case.

Remember the golden tax deduction rules:

  • Include any allowances from your employer on your tax return.
  • You must have spent the money yourself and were not reimbursed by your employer.
  • You need to have a receipt/accepted record/calculation of the cost.
  • The item/s must be directly related to your job/income earning.