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Tax Return Checklist for 2023 in Australia

Once again, it’s that time of the year when you need to start thinking about lodging your Tax Return in Australia. Even if you’ve already lodged a few Tax Returns by yourself, you might have forgotten what’s required. 

Do not worry, because that’s where we come in. 

Lodging your online Tax Return with One Click Life is now very easy with our simple and straightforward process. Not to mention very convenient — you could even do it from your couch. Let’s start with a tax checklist for individuals on what you’ll need to prepare.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare to lodge your 2023 Tax Return

To lodge your Tax Return quickly by yourself, it’s best to gather all relevant tax documents and information before you start the process.

  • ✅ Your tax file number (TFN)
  • ✅ Your personal details 
  • ✅ Your bank details 
  • ✅ Health insurance details
  • ✅ Spouse and child details (if applicable)
  • ✅ How much your taxable income is
  • ✅ A list of expenses for tax deduction, and how much
  • ✅ Proof of the expense

How to find your tax file number (TFN)

If you want to find your tax file number, you can use the tax file number finder on the ATO online service using your myGov portal. However, if you don’t have access to a computer, you could also find it on: 

  • Past copies of your Tax Return 
  • Any correspondence you might have had with the ATO
  • Payment summaries from your employer or a past employer 
  • An account statement for your super fund 

Where to find your bank account details

We recommend logging into your online banking to find your BSB and account number. Alternatively, please call your bank for further information.


Why must I verify my photo ID?

There have been new ATO regulations that require tax agents to verify all clients’ IDs. Thus, to protect your potential refund, we are required to ensure that it is you who is lodging your Tax Return, and that you get your refund.

What if I do not have any photo ID?

No worries, you can upload any 2 of the substitute documents that are listed on the OCL site, which includes bank statements, Medicare card, or state issued letters.

Where to find your health insurance details

If you haven’t already got your health insurance details on hand, not to worry. All you need to do is simply call your health insurer and ask for a private health insurance statement so that you can complete your Tax Return. 

Asking for this information will also help you fill out the medicare levy surcharge on your Tax Return.

Once you have filled in your health insurance details, you can use One Click Life to easily access your information from here on out. When it comes to tax time, your details will be automatically filled into your Tax Return, which makes this super quick and simple. 

What receipts do you need to prepare for your tax deductions? 

When you make a tax deduction, you’ll need a record of it, or a receipt. You can learn more about what sort of receipts you need to keep on our blog. Your receipts need to include: 

  • Name of supplier 
  • Amount of expense 
  • Description of good/service
  • Dates

You can keep track of all your receipts, as well as get help with your record keeping all in one place at One Click Life. If you aren’t sure if your receipts are valid, or how long you need them for, come and ask us some questions. We’re here to help!

A basic checklist of tax deductions you can claim

The tax deductions you will be able to claim back in your Tax Return will depend on both the industry you work in, and your individual circumstances. View our occupation specific tax deduction checklists to find out what you can claim, or for a more accurate assessment, get the help of a professional. 

  • ✅ Car expenses and general wear if your car use is work related (estimated Km or a logbook with all expense items)
  • ✅ Travel expenses for your work (flights, taxis and trains etc)
  • ✅ Accommodation needed on work reasons (including meals)
  • ✅ Work phone bills 
  • ✅ Work related computing 
  • ✅ Work from home costs 
  • ✅ Self-education 
  • ✅ Tax Return fees dating to the year previous 
  • ✅ Insurances 
  • ✅ Rental expense (if you are renting)
  • ✅ Tax accountant fees
  • ✅ Charity donations and gifts
  • ✅ Sun protection (if you have to work outside)

The easiest way to get ready for tax time

One Click Life offers online Tax Returns at your fingertips in an easy-to-use platform run by industry professionals. 

Taxes, Health Insurance, and Wills can be time-consuming and tedious. Our app allows you to be able to do this fuss-free, giving you a simple way to organise, track and manage all of your Life Admin in one place.

After you lodge your first Tax Return with us, all of your details from health insurance to income details to bank details will all be pre-saved and prefilled in our system so you can breeze through your next return.

Let One Click Life take care of your Tax Return and life’s essential tasks, so you can spend more time doing the things you love.