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Tax Return Date

It’s good to know the tax return due date Australia to know when you can claim you tax refund back and what is the tax return cut off date.

The tax return date in Australia is an important date of the year. It coincides with the start of the financial year and there is a window following the tax return date to lodge your tax return on time. Read on and we’ll provide you with run down on each of the important tax return dates.

What is the tax return date Australia?  

You can lodge a tax return in Australia from 1 July each year. This is the tax return date from which you can lodge your tax return. There are a few more tax return dates to be aware of however so read on for more information.

Tax return cut off date Australia

The tax return cut of date is the 31st of October each year.

This provides a 4 month period from:

Tax return date commence: 1 July

Individual tax return due date: 31 October

The income tax returns last date is 31 October each year. This provides 4 months to lodge your tax return before the income tax return last date.

Can you lodge a late tax return?

You can lodge a late tax return, but you may receive an ATO fine. A late tax return is one that is lodged after the 31 October due date. There is a way to lodge a late tax return – be registered with an online tax agent. This can extend the tax return due date. Read on to learn more about lodging a late tax return with an online tax agent.

Lodging after 31 October with an online tax agent

When you register with an online tax agent prior to 31 October, your tax return date of lodgement is extended to 15th of May if you are up to date on your tax lodgements and haven’t lodged a late tax return in the previous year. This extends the Australia tax return due date from the 31st of October to 15th of May.

How do you lodge a tax return?

Lodging an online tax return is easiest way to lodge a tax return by the tax return due date. It can take as little as 5 minutes to lodge a tax return online with One Click Life. You can check out a video on this link to Youtube to see a tax lodgement in action.

How to check your tax during the tax year

Tax calculators can help you check your tax before the tax return date. This can allow you to do some tax planning prior to the tax return date and maybe spend a bit of money if you need some tax deductions to increase your tax refund.

Tax calculators are simple to use and help you estimate your tax outcomes.

How to increase your tax refund

To increase your tax refund, you can claim expenditure you have during the financial year. This reduces your taxable income and as a result increases your tax refund.

To claim a tax deduction you need to tick the following three boxes:

  • you must have spent the money yourself and not been reimbursed by your employer
  • it must be directly related to earning your taxable income
  • you must have a record to substantiate it like a receipt.

Remember if your total claim for work-related expenses is more than $300, you must have written evidence to prove your tax deductions. Remember, the money must be spent prior to the tax return date. 

One Click Life can help with your tax return!

One Click Life makes it simple to track and organise all your life’s admin in one place and importantly file your tax return before the tax return cut off date! Operated by finance and tax professionals, One Click Life allows you to complete your online tax return fast from your mobile phone.

Dealing with an online tax agent is the easiest way to complete your tax return. Just log in and select the year. Best thing is that you can claim your online tax agent fees as a tax deduction. So, using an online tax agent increases your tax refund! One Click Life can also help with your Mortgage, Online Will, and Health Insurance, so you can spend more time on things that matter while saving money!